Our Story

From two small seeds nurtured by two social entrepreneurs, grew the beginnings of a prosperous, conscious, and sustainable enterprise. The two social entrepreneurs, raised in villages themselves saw the potential and opportunity to cultivate the land, empower its people, and create delicious, wholesome products that could be enjoyed by conscious consumers across the globe.

Sowing the seeds and nurturing bees

The two entrepreneurs had their own companies; one harvesting the goodness of the earth to create ethically sourced, rich produce with a distinct taste of Africa. The other fostering harmony and success through bee keeping, aimed at protecting our bees and creating opportunities for local people to benefit from this initiative by learning bee-keeping skill themselves.

The forming of one village

In the true spirit of a village, the two entrepreneurs combined their passion for social upliftment, conservation, and delivering high quality produce to people into one social enterprise. Their shared belief that connecting ethical producers to conscious consumers will create a better world is what brought them together.

The village philosophy

“Village” is more than a word that simply describes people coming together. A village is a sacred place of heritage, culture, and connections. The village represents a place of perfect harmony between nature, people, and opportunity. It is where these two entrepreneurs have found a way to cultivate nature to create self-reliance, protect the planet through the hands of its people, and produce delicious, healthy and wholesome products that nurture the body and feed the soul.