Bissap is a natural and homemade African drink brewed from Roselle, a species of the hibiscus plant.

Across the African continent it is known by many names including wonjo, dabileni, tsobo, zobo, or sobolo and is often times the drink of choice for times of gathering and celebration. Bissap Beverages is proud to bring you this refreshing African creation. The key ingredient of our product, Roselle, is ethically sourced from small scale farmers in West & East Africa.

And we strive to uphold sustainable practices that will continue to see the empowerment and longevity of the communities that are essential to our existence. It is our dream that Bissap Beverages will be experienced across the nations of the world, and with it, carry a piece of our rich African heritage, celebrating community, history and culture.

May each glass of Bissap™ bring you memories that live long and joy everlasting.