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Boost your health with superfoods – nature’s powerhouse for vitality and wellbeing.


Honey, nature’s sweetener with powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties for optimal health.


Refresh, replenish and revitalize your body through the power of natural and indigenous beverages.


Food, The Currency Of Connection

What we eat is at the core to humanity’s interconnected social, economic, and environmental challenges. This is why we aspire to be part of a healthier food system, a living value chain that connects our diverse humanity, our traditions and cultures through food.

About Us

Local Village was founded on a vision to source uniquely African raw materials farmed in rural communities with the aim of creating wholesome food products and making them accessible to more people. To stand out: We are an aspirational brand, we celebrate our shared humanity through culinary diversity.

By joining our tribe you become part of our village and your membership ensures you enjoy sustainably grown, indigenous ingredients. At the same time this secures livelihoods through maintaining the demand for the produce of small, rural agri-preneurs from the continent while helping us to grow our market and platform for connecting people and sharing Africa’s abundance. This is the spirit of the village.

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