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The vision began with a deep desire to bring indigenous African ingredients to the global banquet table. Local Village Foods was founded in 2016 by a network of vibrant, local agri-preneurs from across the continent, looking to supply equitably sourced and sustainably grown indigenous African ingredients.

Throughout the years Local Village has grown in scope and scale to include a wider range of products including popular African beverage Bissap, a children’s activity book and a coffee table book highlighting the origins of the various grains and plants that have been staples in many local diets.

To-date the latest leap forward in the growth of the enterprise is the launch of an ecommerce store. And so it brings us great joy to present, a dynamic online platform where the complete range of Local Village Foods brands and products is now available to purchase in a safe and efficient digital environment.

What can you buy in the Local Village online store?

The Local Village online store has the full range of Local Village Foods products as well as the Bissap Beverages range, the Local Village Foods snack bars, and the African Harvest Table book series. Sign up to the Local Village newsletter for regular updates on additional products, sales, and promotions.

What is the Local Village Shipping policy?

Local Village currently only ships within South Africa. For shoppers outside of South Africa wishing to purchase Local Village Foods products, they are welcome to use the services of an additional courier company ship their orders outside of South Africa, however the store will no-longer be held liable for the delivery, safety and security of your products once they leave the jurisdiction of South Africa. Free shipping is also available for orders above R500

Where does Local Village source its produce from?

Local Village Foods and the ingredients for the range of Bissap drinks are sourced from across the African continent including countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa and Malawi. All raw ingredients are farmed by independent small scale and communal farmers. Local Village also often works closely with local empowerment organisations to ensure the upholding of fair and sustainable sourcing practices from underprivileged and women farmers.

Is Local Village foods healthy and vegan?

Local Village Foods does not claim to be health-based products and we recommend consulting our labelling for dietary information and consulting a dietician for appropriate dietary recommendations. Some of the products in the Local Village range are vegan-safe, as indicated on individual packaging.

Explore the full range of Local Village products and enjoy the tastes, cultures, and heritage of the nations.

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