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Have you ever been to a fresh produce farm? Not the big estates with massive machinery and large crews lining green pastures. We are talking about the small farmstead; a place where the farmer still gets up early in the morning and watches the sky for rain. Have you ever had the privilege of watching that same farmer bending down to inspect the fragile leaves of his latest crop? He knows his produce. He knows what each plant and worker mean to him and takes care of them. Wouldn’t you rather be supporting such a passion?


The small-scale farmer is out in the field, among his workers. He keeps a close eye on all activities and progress. He prevents unnecessary waste by being accountable for every product he needs to deliver. The small-scale farmer doesn’t need to employ a lot of workers. As an employer, this means he pays attention to workers’ issues and can deal with them promptly. He runs a harmonious business that delivers on time. The small-scale farmer doesn’t need to deliver unmanageable quantities of produce. This excuses him from loads of admin and accounting systems, which means more time out on the farm.


How does this benefit you? By supporting the small-scale farmer, you opt for the cared-for produce of high quality. A small-scale farmer responds directly to his customer’s needs. If the consumer or market demands change, he can easily adapt. A lot of farmers try to have as little impact on the earth as possible. They grow fruit and vegetables that are seasonal, so their produce doesn’t have to be chemically treated. Produce also doesn’t need to be transported over long distances. The small-scale farmer’s personal touch enables him to survive and even compete against the big businesses. He deserves our support.

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